60 Minutes Covers the Dangers of Improper E-Waste Disposal

Recycle old circuit boards - Air Cycle Corp.Electronics can do much good, from helping us accomplish facility management tasks more efficiently to keeping us in touch with faraway friends and family. But these benefits come with a drawback–the devices work only through the use of components that contain hazardous elements.

After they outlive their usefulness, electronics need to be recycled in order to prevent causing harm to human health and the environment from the hazardous materials they can contain. But even when spent electronics are transferred to an organization that claims to recycle e-waste, the materials sometimes never make it to the recycling center.

This video and article from 60 Minutes detail the dangerous consequences that can result when e-waste is illegally diverted from proper processing at a recycling center by illegitimate handlers of e-waste, and shipped elsewhere for dumping. The report is an informative look at an important topic, and a good reminder about the importance of recycling e-waste with reliable, certified handlers.

Air Cycle Corporation is committed to handling electronic waste responsibly. All waste recycled through the EasyPak™ program is processed at permitted recycling facilities in the United States—nothing is shipped overseas.

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