Food Waste Landfill Diversion Strategies for 2017

EnviroPure Systems Food Waste Diversion

For facilities managers, food waste is a messy and smelly problem. The longer you wait to find a solution, the worse the problem will become. Why not consider a strategy that allows you to treat the waste on site as it is produced, thereby eliminating the need for long term storage in outside dumpsters?

Which food waste landfill diversion strategy is the right fit for your facility? Check out our simple article on choosing the right food waste diversion strategy for your facility, and the environment. From composts to dehydrators, most options currently available to commercial facilities often create a byproduct that still needs to be hauled off to a landfill, if a facility does not have a use for the byproduct produced. While composting is an effecting solution for diverting a great deal of food waste from landfills, it isn’t always a feasible fit for commercial operations, as it doesn’t age well in containers waiting to be picked up by commercial composting operations.

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The solution is a food waste diversion system that can handle virtually all types of food waste, without producing a solid byproduct. EnviroPure is a self-contained food waste digestion unit with the power to turn everything from produce to poultry into environmentally-safe water and carbon dioxide. This on-site system saves your facility money on food waste transportation, keeps waste out of landfills, and even better is odorless. Watch this short video to see how EnviroPure could make a difference in your facility.


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