Become Our Next Environmental Hero of the Month

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Are you part of an organization that is committed to recycling?

Whether you are a small business with a handful of employees or large business with hundreds of employees, or, maybe you’re a school system, operate cruise ships, a medical facility, or a hotel; every step toward protecting our environment counts. Continue reading “Become Our Next Environmental Hero of the Month”

Fairfax County Schools – Our Hero of the Month

At Fairfax County Schools, environmental sustainability isn’t just something that happens behind the scenes. It’s an important part of their curriculum, a trait parents look for in choosing an educational path for their children, and an important part of facilities management. In speaking with LouEllen Brademan, Coordinator of K-12 Curriculum Development, it’s plain to see why we chose this unique school system as our Air Cycle Hero of the Month. Continue reading “Fairfax County Schools – Our Hero of the Month”

Food Waste Diversion With A Real ROI

Next time you’re making a trip to the dumpster, ask yourself, could there be a simpler solution for diverting my food waste that also saves valuable time and labor, all while minimizing workplace risk?

What if you could eliminate the need to store food waste between waste pickups, and the mess and odors associated with food storing the waste?  Eliminating food waste where it is produced in your facility is a much simpler solution. In fact, what if that same solution could save you money, and help you reduce your impact on the environment? Continue reading “Food Waste Diversion With A Real ROI”