Free Mail-Back Recycling Webinar

EasyPak Webinar - Air Cycle Corp.Mail-back recycling isn’t usually known for innovation, but Air Cycle Corporation’s EasyPak™ program changes that with the introduction of the streamlined VaporShield® box design, addition of new containers to the product line and a new, easy-to-use Sustainable Program online interface. Continue reading “Free Mail-Back Recycling Webinar”

Air Cycle Rolls Out Additions to EasyPak™ Line

New EasyPak Containers - Air Cycle Corp.Air Cycle Corporation is very pleased to announce it has added several new containers to the EasyPak™ product line. The new containers—available now for purchase—include the CFL Recycling Box, Universal Lamp Box, Micro Battery Bucket, and PalletPak Lamp Recycling Kit. Continue reading “Air Cycle Rolls Out Additions to EasyPak™ Line”

New VaporShield® Video Screening at

VaporShield Video - Air Cycle Corp.If you haven’t already seen it, take a minute (or a minute and 16 seconds to be exact!) to check out the video about our new VaporShield® mail-back lamp recycling boxes. Featuring Air Cycle Account Executive Justin Hayes, the video explains a little bit about the usability and safety aspects of the box, and shows it in action. Continue reading “New VaporShield® Video Screening at”