Meet the Rodale Institute CDS™ System

Rodale Institute CDS System - Air Cycle Corp.A new way to sanitize and clean is now available from Air Cycle Corporation…Rodale Institute CDS™. Rodale Institute CDS™ is a system that generates powerful and safe sanitizing and cleaning solutions that are healthy to use, save money, and reduce your environmental footprint, all for only about 2 cents per gallon! Continue reading “Meet the Rodale Institute CDS™ System”

5 Facts About Lighting Regs Every FM Should Know

Lighting Regulations - Air Cycle Corp.Unless you’ve had your head in the sand this year, you’ve probably heard at least a little about the new lighting regulatory changes that came in 2012. Shifting efficiency standards, lamp phase-outs, lighting upgrades, tax deductions…if you’re lost in the swirl of new information, you’re probably not the only one. Continue reading “5 Facts About Lighting Regs Every FM Should Know”