Introducing VaporShield®…Lamp Recycling Made Easier

VaporShield - Air Cycle Corp.VaporShield® is here! Air Cycle Corporation is very pleased to announce our brand new VaporShield® mail-back lamp recycling box, the latest advancement in lamp recycling box design. We’re committed to innovation in the pursuit of continually improving our products, and VaporShield® will help make recycling lamps easier than ever for facility managers.

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Why Convert to an EasyPak™ Sustainable Program?

EasyPak Sustainable Program - Air Cycle Corp.“Why should I convert my recycling containers to an EasyPak™ Sustainable Program?” That’s a great question! The Sustainable Program is a system that triggers a new order for a replacement EasyPak™ container after your original container has been shipped and processed. Continue reading “Why Convert to an EasyPak™ Sustainable Program?”

60 Minutes Covers the Dangers of Improper E-Waste Disposal

Recycle old circuit boards - Air Cycle Corp.Electronics can do much good, from helping us accomplish facility management tasks more efficiently to keeping us in touch with faraway friends and family. But these benefits come with a drawback–the devices work only through the use of components that contain hazardous elements. Continue reading “60 Minutes Covers the Dangers of Improper E-Waste Disposal”

Introducing Facts for FAQs

FAQ's - Air Cycle Corp.Today, I’m introducing a fun, helpful new feature to the Air Cycle Blog: Facts for FAQs.

Each month, I’ll include an answer (a “fact”) to a question that gets asked a lot about the our products, recycling, or regulations in the hope of keeping our readers informed and knowledgeable about these topics. Continue reading “Introducing Facts for FAQs”