Bulb Eater® Comes to Barbadian Shores

Bulb Eater in Barbados - Air Cycle Corp.Looks like the Bulb Eater® is taking yet another working vacation. The machine has spent time in Bermuda and aboard an Alaskan cruise ship, but this journey takes it on a lamp-crunching mission to Barbados. The Bulb Eater will be used to properly dispose of spent fluorescent lamps in order to prevent mercury from contaminating the local environment, according to this article in the Barbados Advocate. Continue reading “Bulb Eater® Comes to Barbadian Shores”

Lighting 101: Key Principles

Energy Efficient lighting - Air Cycle Corp.The goals of a typical lighting system seem straightforward: the facility should be well-lit and energy efficient.

But making it happen can be a challenge. This article from FacilitiesNet provides the key principles to remember when designing a lighting system, in order to turn these goals into reality. Continue reading “Lighting 101: Key Principles”