Sustainability: The Great Differentiator

Green Recycling - Air Cycle Corp.When a business thinks about going green with its facility operations, an important question is “How much will it cost?” Despite the upfront expenditures that facility greening can require, a growing body of evidence demonstrates that in addition to environmental benefits, sustainable commercial buildings make good business sense, too, according to this article from FMLink. Continue reading “Sustainability: The Great Differentiator”

Free Webinar: An Introduction to Lamp Recycling Regulations

Tune in at 12:00 pm CDT on Thursday, September 29 for a free Air Cycle Corporation webinar, “An Introduction to Lamp Recycling Regulations” as Justin Hayes, account executive at Air Cycle, discusses the reasons for lamp recycling regulations, what they mean for facilities, and how to keep your facility regulatory compliant. Continue reading “Free Webinar: An Introduction to Lamp Recycling Regulations” Resources Center Update resource centerA new resources center at makes finding recycling information simpler than ever. The new resources center provides easy access to industry articles on recycling, lighting management and other topics, how-to and news videos, an interactive state recycling regulations map, product downloads and more! Continue reading “ Resources Center Update”