ADP Celebrates Earth Day with the Bulb Eater®

ADP Celebrates Earth Day - Air Cycle Corp.The Elk Grove Village, Illinois facility of business product and service provider ADP celebrated Earth Day 2011 with an event showcasing the facility’s greening efforts, including fluorescent lamp recycling. The event featured the facility’s Air Cycle Corporation Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system and included a demonstration of the machine’s bulb-crunching abilities. Continue reading “ADP Celebrates Earth Day with the Bulb Eater®”

Focus on Large Scale Lamp Recycling

AStacked Bulbs - Air Cycle Corp.t Air Cycle, we believe that for every size facility, there is an efficient method of recycling its fluorescent lamps. While prepaid mail-back EasyPak™ lamp recycling containers offer the flexible and simple small-quantity recycling that small facilities often require, Air Cycle’s Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system and Bulk Pickups can deliver cost-savings of up to 50% on overall recycling costs for managers of facilities greater than 150,000 square feet. Continue reading “Focus on Large Scale Lamp Recycling”