Free Webinar: Implementing Efficient Lamp Recycling

Tune in at 12:00 pm CST on Wednesday, June 22 for a free webinar as Joe Day, senior account executive at Air Cycle, explains why recycling spent fluorescent lamps matters and how to select and implement the most efficient recycling method for your facility. Continue reading “Free Webinar: Implementing Efficient Lamp Recycling”

New State E-Waste Laws in Effect

E-Waste Map - Air Cycle Corp.Last year, seven states passed legislation mandating statewide electronic waste recycling, bringing the the total number of states with such laws to 25, according to this article from Electronics TakeBack Coalition. If you haven’t already learned about the regulations governing the disposal of e-waste in your state, now is the time to read up as more states have already or will soon introduce e-waste disposal legislation. Continue reading “New State E-Waste Laws in Effect”

Introducing New CFL Premium Bulb Eater®

CFL Premium Bulb Eater - Air CycleAir Cycle Corporation is pleased to announce the CFL Premium Bulb Eater®, a new version of the award-winning lamp crushing system. The CFL Premium is designed to safely crush and store up to 3,000 compact fluorescent lamps prior to recycling, and can also crush tube lamps. Continue reading “Introducing New CFL Premium Bulb Eater®”