New Universal Waste Factsheet from Air Cycle

Universal Waste Factsheet - Air Cycle Corp.If your facility uses fluorescent lamps, lead acid batteries or mercury-containing electronics, there is a good chance that the disposal of these materials is regulated under universal waste rules. Universal waste rules govern the disposal of these wastes under special, streamlined regulations to make hazardous waste management a little easier. Continue reading “New Universal Waste Factsheet from Air Cycle”

Overlooked Costs of Throwing Out Lamps

bulb recycling - Air Cycle Corp.When fluorescent lamps burn out, it is easiest and cheapest to simply dispose of them in the trash, right? Wrong! This article from FacilitiesNet shows how throwing out lamps can lead to costly fines in states that require lamp recycling, and release harmful mercury vapors if the bulbs break. Continue reading “Overlooked Costs of Throwing Out Lamps”