Introducing New EasyPak Dental Waste Container

EasyPak Dental Bucket - Air Cycle Corp.If you are a frequent reader of the Air Cycle blog, you might have noticed a few new product announcements lately. At Air Cycle, we strive to continually develop innovative products that help our customers. We are pleased to introduce our most recent addition to the EasyPak product line, the EasyPak Dental Waste Recycling Container. The new container is specially designed with a 1/2 gallon inner container to provide easy recycling for up to 2lbs of wet dental amalgam. The container can also accommodate used lead x-ray foil for a total capacity of 25lbs of waste. Continue reading “Introducing New EasyPak Dental Waste Container”

Are Copy Machines a Risk to Data Security?

Even though information security is a top priority for many companies, sensitive data can still turn up in unexpected places. I recently came across this fascinating CBS News investigative report that explains how digital copy machines can store thousands of previously copied pages, and the sensitive data they contain, unless their hard drives are erased. Continue reading “Are Copy Machines a Risk to Data Security?”

Air Cycle Helps Keep Carroll Beautiful

Keep Carroll Beautiful - Air Cycle Corp.I recently came across an article in the Times-Georgian, of Carroll County, GA, entitled “Cleaning the garage: Waste you can’t just throw away.” The piece highlights the efforts of local non-profit Keep Carroll Beautiful to provide residents with recycling assistance, and to educate about the dangers of improper disposal of everyday wastes. Though seemingly harmless, these items can pose serious environmental health risks and lead to hefty fines. Continue reading “Air Cycle Helps Keep Carroll Beautiful”