A Year of Simple, Sustainable Solutions from Air Cycle

Recognizing Our Environmental Heroes

This year, Air Cycle launched our Hero of the Month program in an effort to recognize organizations and facilities that go above and beyond to practice sustainability behind the scenes and on the frontlines. We visited Fairfax County Schools to talk about their safe and efficient lamp recycling program, as well as their commitment to keeping environmental sustainability in the curriculum. The Humane Society of the United States lent us a paw in spreading the word about the Bulb Eater® 3, our safe and efficient drum top lamp crusher.

If you’d like to nominate your facility for our Hero of the Month program, click here to apply!

Introducing Total Program Management

Earlier in 2016, we showcased  a comprehensive recycling solution to fit multi-location facilities like a glove – Total Program Management. By combining all of the simple, sustainable solutions that Air Cycle has to offer and customizing a program specifically for your organization, we’re able to cut costs and eliminate the need to offer multiple contract awards, and more importantly provide you with comprehensive recycling metrics that you can boast about. Watch our video to learn more.

Advancing Food Waste Diversion

Diverting food waste from landfills has been at the forefront of our environmental efforts in 2016. The cost and environmental impact of landfilling organic waste is astronomical. (Read more about the effects of transporting food waste on the environment and your bottom line here.)

This food waste diversion program eliminates the need to transport food waste to landfills, as the waste is odorously treated on-site and transformed into environmentally safe water and carbon dioxide.

Traveling Abroad – Air Cycle Joins Waste and Sanitech India

Environmental sanitation and waste management are becoming major public health issues in India, and new ideas and concepts for Solid Waste Management are being sought to solve these issues. As part of this initiative, the Indian government enacted new regulations in 2016 that regulate the proper recycling of mercury containing lamps. That’s why we were proud to be a part of Waste & Sanitech India 2016 in support of the Clean India Mission.

This exhibition and conference provided useful insights and solutions for developing 100 environmentally smart cities all over the country. From municipal waste to e-waste, bio-medical to organic, the convention offered an opportunity for government institutions, local authorities, architects, and more to explore innovative sustainable solutions options.

Give Thanks for Food Waste Diversion from EnviroPure

As we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, the mind goes to one place: everything that we have to be thankful for. Our health, a roof over our heads, an excellent fantasy football lineup. But for facilities managers, the mind might wander a little further off. ‘Where is all of this food waste going?’ Continue reading “Give Thanks for Food Waste Diversion from EnviroPure”

Traveling Green this Holiday Season with Air Cycle

Tis the season to travel. The hospitality industry is working in full force to prepare for the holidays, as an influx of people travel to visit family or take one last vacation before the end of the year. How will holiday travelers choose where they lay down their heads? While price and availability will take precedent in this busy season, you may be surprised to know that more travelers are considering sustainability in their decision. Continue reading “Traveling Green this Holiday Season with Air Cycle”

What We’re Thankful for: 5 Helpful Resources for Facilities Managers

As 2016 draws to an end, we can’t help but think of how much we learned in a year’s time. This week, we’re compiling a list of resources for facilities managers, straight from the most trusted publications in the industry. If you haven’t already come across these insightful articles this year, click through to hear from industry experts on retrofit planning, long-term maintenance, facilities management trend projections, and more. Continue reading “What We’re Thankful for: 5 Helpful Resources for Facilities Managers”

This Election Season, Vote GREEN with Air Cycle

Unlike choosing a future President of the United States, finding a recycling solution for your organization includes many viable options. All of your universal waste, from linear fluorescent lamps to old electronics, can be safely and efficiently recycled with Air Cycle’s simple, sustainable solutions. So, how will you choose? Continue reading “This Election Season, Vote GREEN with Air Cycle”

Wrap Up Quarter 4 with Bulk Pickup Waste Recycling

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. As the holiday season inches closer, the last thing you should be worried about is your universal waste recycling plan. Make quarter four a breeze by scheduling your next bulk waste pickup before the holidays. Continue reading “Wrap Up Quarter 4 with Bulk Pickup Waste Recycling”

Humane Society Saves Animals, and the Planet with Air Cycle Corporation

Saving the lives of helpless animals is already a heroic act. Operating an environmentally sustainable business dedicated to the cause is even better. The mission of the Humane Society of the United States is to promote the protection of all animals. For that reason and many more, HSUS is Air Cycle’s Hero of the Month. Continue reading “Humane Society Saves Animals, and the Planet with Air Cycle Corporation”

OSHA and Your Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Program

There is no issue more important, or more challenging to facility managers than safety within their operations. Did you know that President Obama signed legislation allowing a 150% increase in maximum penalties associated with regulatory citations?  According to Facilities Management Decisions, this could mean that a minor to serious violation could jump from $7,000 to $12,500 in fines, or from $70,000 to $125,000 for repeat of willful violations. Continue reading “OSHA and Your Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Program”

Watch the Video – Total Program Management from Air Cycle

watch-tpm-videoAre you looking for a national recycling program for your business? Consider this the starting point for a recycling program that works. For nearly 20 years, Air Cycle has worked with organizations of all sizes, coast to coast. We’ve refined a special program for multi-location organizations called Total Program Management, or TPM. Continue reading “Watch the Video – Total Program Management from Air Cycle”

EnviroPure Food Waste Diversion Comes to Orlando, FL

Orange County (Florida) Utilities Department recently issued a letter of approval for the EnviroPure systems that was installed at one of Air Cycle’s clients in Orlando, FL. In it, the letter states  “that the use of the EnviroPure Food Solid Waste Digester unit (using the Bio-Mix product) has no detrimental impact to the quality of the wastewater discharged to the receiving utility.”

envirooure-specsThe County was naturally suspicious of the technology claims, as they had previously tested different technology at another Orange County location and ultimately forced that location to use that technology. This time they were not taking chances. The client had to implement a 9 month bi-weekly inspection and analytical testing program as a condition for the unit’s installation and on-going operation. The letter goes on to state the Enviropure system is approved for use at other Orange County and City of Orlando locations without the need for further testing.

EnviroPure’s proprietary BioMix compound played a key role in this decision, helping to accelerate the food waste decomposition process, without coagulation of effluent that can clog sewer lines. This all-natural, non-toxic combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is 100% environmentally safe, and incredibly effective. In fact, the grey water effluent produced by EnviroPure and its BioMix compound didn’t come close to surpassing today’s latest standards for BODs, FOGs, and TSS.

By working to approve the use of EnviroPure Systems in commercial and institutional kitchens across North America, Air Cycle is helping to put a dent in the 97% of food waste that ends up in a landfill. Together, we can reduce the production of harmful methane gasses and limit emissions caused by transporting food waste.

Click here to learn more about EnviroPure Systems from Air Cycle Corporation.