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Cruise ship bulb recycling

Monday, June 15, 2009

Recently I started looking at some of the different kinds of places that utilize the Bulb Eater for their lamp crushing needs. While I knew that many business, hospital, and school facilities use the Bulb Eater, I was excited to see the machine being put to work out on the open sea on the GTS Celebrity Constellation, a cruise ship that makes port calls at destinations including Boston, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Sweden.

The GTS Celebrity Constellation is pictured above, and to the left is a photo of the Bulb Eater in the ship's waste area.

Great to see the Bulb Eater being used in creative ways in interesting places around the world (or on the sea)! Keep up the good work!

Feel free to submit any stories or photos of how you’ve seen the Bulb Eater used in unique places.

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