Fairfax County Schools – Our Hero of the Month

At Fairfax County Schools, environmental sustainability isn’t just something that happens behind the scenes. It’s an important part of their curriculum, a trait parents look for in choosing an educational path for their children, and an important part of facilities management. In speaking with LouEllen Brademan, Coordinator of K-12 Curriculum Development, it’s plain to see why we chose this unique school system as our Air Cycle Hero of the Month. Continue reading “Fairfax County Schools – Our Hero of the Month”

Food Waste Diversion With A Real ROI

Next time you’re making a trip to the dumpster, ask yourself, could there be a simpler solution for diverting my food waste that also saves valuable time and labor, all while minimizing workplace risk?

What if you could eliminate the need to store food waste between waste pickups, and the mess and odors associated with food storing the waste?  Eliminating food waste where it is produced in your facility is a much simpler solution. In fact, what if that same solution could save you money, and help you reduce your impact on the environment? Continue reading “Food Waste Diversion With A Real ROI”

Air Cycle Brings Sustainable Solutions to Waste & Sanitech India

10150357Economic growth in India has been skyrocketing year over year, but with that comes increased consumption rates and, of course, waste generation. Today, there are more opportunities than ever for material recovery, converting waste into energy, and sanitation throughout the nation. Environmental sanitation and waste management are major public health issues in India, and new ideas and concepts for Solid Waste Management are necessary. Continue reading “Air Cycle Brings Sustainable Solutions to Waste & Sanitech India”

Make The Switch to the Bulb Eater® 3 for Increased Efficiency and Safety

bulb eater 3 drum top lamp crushing system by air cycle corporationAttention current Bulb Eater® owners: thank you for being such a loyal customer! We celebrate you for being a member of the original lamp crushing team, on the forefront of safe and efficient “bulb eating.” But today, we say why not treat yourself? You deserve an upgrade. Continue reading “Make The Switch to the Bulb Eater® 3 for Increased Efficiency and Safety”

Taking the Climate Action Plan to the Next Step in Your Facility

A great deal can happen in eight years. When you remember Obama’s presidency, what stands out to you? Fluorescent lamps probably aren’t at the top of your mind, but with President Obama’s Climate Action Plan now in full effect, we’ll see how politics can influence facility management. Continue reading “Taking the Climate Action Plan to the Next Step in Your Facility”

What You Need to Know Now About Food Waste Diversion

When it comes to food waste, the pressure to remove this waste from landfills is increasing. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that organic waste today represents 30-35% of the existing landfill waste volume. Developing a food waste diversion strategy that works for you, that also reduces your carbon footprint, and benefits your bottom line is an easy comparison when you consider treating that waste on-site using EnviroPure food waste treatment technology.

Continue reading “What You Need to Know Now About Food Waste Diversion”

Green Key Global Makes Sustainable Tourism Simple

green key global sustainable tourismAt Air Cycle, we appreciate organizations who promote sustainable tourism practices.  We want to recognize them for the good they’re doing and help spread the word, so others may benefit from using their products and services.

As summer vacations come into full swing and tourism season peaks, we’d like to recognize Green Key Global, a unique company that makes choosing environmentally friendly travel lodging easy. Continue reading “Green Key Global Makes Sustainable Tourism Simple”

Develop Your Corporate Recycling Program in 7 Easy Steps

For corporations with multiple locations, creating a corporate recycling program that can track and manage successful sustainability can be a challenge. With Total Program Management, we’ve made it easy to create, manage, and track your corporate-wide recycling program from a centralized location. Need reports by location? State? Region? Corporate? No problem! Continue reading “Develop Your Corporate Recycling Program in 7 Easy Steps”

How Do Lamp Crushing and Bulk Recycling Work Together?

Is your facility a maze of boxes filled with spent lamps? For large facilities, compliance with state and federal recycling regulations means labeling each container, keeping them closed, and palletizing boxes when full and ready to be picked up. Do you have more lamps than you have room to store them? A drum top fluorescent lamp crusher and our nationwide waste pickup services can save you significant time, space, and money.

Bulb Eater 3

unspecified-11The Bulb Eater 3 is a drum top fluorescent lamp crusher with the power to crush spent bulbs of any length into 100% recyclable material while capturing over 99.99% of the vapors released. Benefits to this revolutionary bulb crusher include: Continue reading “How Do Lamp Crushing and Bulk Recycling Work Together?”

Comparing Your Food Waste Treatment Options

Wrap your head around this – nearly one third of all municipal landfill content is organic food waste. The need for a sustainable food waste treatment solution that can be scaled to meet the everyday needs that food waste generators face has never been greater. How do your options stack up? Continue reading “Comparing Your Food Waste Treatment Options”